Team building with Landhaus Feckl

"Getting together is a start. Staying together is progress. Working together is success" - Henry Ford
A good and successful team builds on mutual trust. In team building, you experience how you can mutually complement and support each other. You can also increase employee satisfaction in your company with the “we-feeling”.

High ropes course Herrenberg

The high ropes course was specially conceived for team building. Work together as a team and master the high ropes course in Herrenberg together!


The indoor leisure park allows the team and community behaviour of the team, with special experiential education.

An individual collection of games and tasks, achieves the right programme for team building for each team.


Provide fast and furious races and exciting duels - book the kart track “Kartion” with your team.

Warm up, qualifying and the race are included in a booking.

Leisure park Rutesheim

At the leisure park Rutesheim, you will be supervised by qualified trainers during your team building, and led through the programme.

You can choose from numerous tasks around teamwork! At the end, you can discuss and reflect on the tasks and above all the execution, in the group and with the trainers.

Musicals Stuttgart

Musicals are always a special experience. The play combined with breathtaking musical elements makes time stand still.

Do you share the same interests in the team in terms of leisure and evening activities? Then go to a musical in Stuttgart - it will be an unforgettable evening with your colleagues as friends.

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Team building can be so easy!

The team at Landhaus Feckl will give you optimum support. We would be pleased to take over the organisation and planning of your individual team building programme.