Discover nature

Discover the Schönbuch and the Heckengäu.

Discover the Schönbuch and the Heckengäu, two landscapes that have a great deal to offer. Here you can get some peace and quiet, and relax surrounded by nature. The multifaceted countryside of Schönbuch and Heckengäu invites you to take an exciting journey through the woods, and is sure to bring you and your family a great deal of joy.

Far from cars and noise, you will find large forests with ancient trees in the Schönbuch. Equally captivating are the many hedges, that draw bands of blossoms through the landscape in spring, to the juniper heaths and flocks of sheep in the Heckengäu.


The diverse landscape allows cycling experiences for every taste. Go on a tour along the river or through wine landscapes, get to know the industrial history of the region or the cultural attractions by bike.

A popular tour goes to the wine growing museum Stuttgart, this is directly on the Wuerttemberg wine cycle path. A welcome stopping point, to find out everything about wine.


In summer, numerous bathing opportunities invite you to stay a while, so that you can really enjoy the beautiful summer days around Stuttgart. There are outdoor swimming pools and - for nature lovers - swimming lakes near to the hotel to cool off and have fun.

From May to September, bathing guests can look forward to the long summer nights with live music until midnight in the sauna garden, every third Friday of the month at the mineral hot springs.

In winter

Winter in the Stuttgart region brings some special experiences. As soon as the first snow is on the ground, it’s off to the toboggan runs and slopes in the region, with sledges and bobsleds, there is always a suitable place.

Many lakes in the area are transformed into a winter wonderland, with frost and snow, which invites you to take lovely walks in an idyllic landscape. In the ice world, you can take a turn around the ice, fun for all ages.